Conrad Black Trial - Jury Deliberates

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Conrad Black Trial: Jury Deliberates

Lord Conrad Moffat Black, Chairman and CEO, Hollinger International Inc.

(For a background on media baron, Lord Conrad Black's criminal trial on charges of stealing money from shareholders, see the previous articles listed below.)

July 1, 2007. The fate of Conrad Black and his three co-defendants, Jack Boultbee, Mark Kipnis, and Peter Atkinson now lies in the hands of the jury. Jury deliberation started on June 28 and continued on Friday, June 29. And there is no telling how long they will deliberate.

It is nail biting time for the defence. There are no foregone conclusions on the nature of the verdict.

Judge Amy St. Eve's instructions to the jury included the following:

"The fact that a defendant did not testify should not be considered by you in any way in arriving at your verdict."

"You may give the testimony of … (David) Radler such weight as you feel it deserves, keeping in mind that it must be considered with caution and great care."