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Diversity - information & articles

Diversity & Judging

» Informed and Credible Judgments and Decisions - Working in a Culturally Plural Setting
(A presentation to the Supreme Court of British Columbia. This paper is applicable to all decision-making)


Diversity & Business

» Diversity in a Global Economy - Ways Some Firms Get It Right

Management Tools

» Diversity in the Workplace Benefits, Challenges, and the Required Managerial Tools

Effective Diversity Programs

» Five Common Denominators of Effective Diversity Programs

Cultural Traits

» Cultural Traits Can Be a Hindrance or a Help

Human Resources

» How to Distinguish Yourself as a Culturally Diverse Candidate

diversity in the workplace & institutional design

Diversity is a fact of life. When we talk about diversity in the workplace, we are usually talking about differences in personal and group characteristics - age, gender, physical characteristics, physical and mental ability and disability, cultural and religious affiliations and beliefs, national and ancestral origins, social and marital status, family status, sexual orientation and other similar characteristics.

Some of the areas which involve workplace diversity are:

  • Designing institutions and its programs and services to serve a diverse population and clientele

  • Marketing to a diverse or global market

  • Managerial & leadership competencies for a diverse workplace

  • Human resource management including recruiting practices

  • Conflict resolution - culturally competent conflict resolution skills

  • Human rights

  • Employment equity

  • Interpersonal relations, teamwork and the work environment

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Heritage Institute's Services

The Heritage Institute's services include:

  • Advisory & consultation services
  • Facilitation
  • Training


  • Diversity in the workplace and community
    • Building positive relations, understanding & teamwork
  • Program & project design for a diverse workplace & community