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Interpersonal Skills - Across Cultures

Why interpersonal skills are an essential workplace competency

We are hired for the credentials we have.
We are fired for the people skills we don't have.

According to Robert Bolton, PhD, "eighty percent of people who fail at work do so for one reason: they do not relate well to other people."

Leadership, teamwork, marketing, networking, building contacts and alliances - all require effective interpersonal skills and the building of appropriate workplace relationships.

Effective interpersonal skills are about achieving the results we desire and the goals to which we aspire. Interpersonal skills help a person become who they can be and an organization what it envisions.

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Heritage Institute's Services

The Heritage Institute's services include:

  • Advisory & consultation services
  • Facilitation
  • Training


  • Effective interpersonal relations
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict resolution, negotiations & mediation

What are essential workplace interpersonal skills?

The essential interpersonal skills for the workplace are:

  • Mind skills - thinking and emotional skills, values and principles
  • Communication skills
  • Behavioural skills
  • Application skills - such as conflict resolution skills, negotiating, networking and cultivating allies

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