Conrad Black Trial - Closing Arguments Commence

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Conrad Black Trial: Trial Drawing to a Close. Closing Arguments Commence

Lord Conrad Moffat Black, Chairman and CEO, Hollinger International Inc.

(For a background on media baron, Lord Conrad Black's criminal trial on charges of stealing money from shareholders, see the previous articles listed below.)

June 19, 2007. Conrad Black will not appear as a witness in his own defence. On the afternoon of June 12, 2007, Lord Conrad Black stood before Judge Amy St. Eve and said firmly "I decline to exercise my right to testify."

On that note of finality, Black's defence team rested its case and the other defendants John Boultbee, Peter Atkinson and Mark Kipnis, followed suit.

During the testimony portion of the trial, the jury heard from fifty witnesses over a period of forty seven days.

Today, the prosecution will present its closing arguments. This should be followed tomorrow by closing arguments from the four defence teams. the prosecution will then have an opportunity to rebut.

"We are not here because somebody made mistakes. We are not here because somebody didn't disclose something in a timely fashion," prosecutor Julie Ruder told the jury. "We are here because five men - these four defendants and David Radler - systematically stole $60 million. They checked their fiduciary duty at the door."

She continued: "Did they try to cover their tracks? Yes. It is time to expose this cover story for the lie that it is. They had a duty, a duty to shareholders. But their duty was to each other, their loyalty was to each other."

"Conrad Black fancied himself a proprietor. No sackcloth and ashes for him."

"The others went along because it enriched them. They decided to take a piece of the pie. There is a great divide in this criminal trial. David Radler and others knew the truth... . Shareholders did not know the truth."