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Zoroastrian Heritage

Author: K. E. Eduljee

Zoroastrianism References and Links
Pages & Contents

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Greek Classics


Herodotus' Histories

Herodotus on Persians

Herodotus on Scythians

Xenophon's Anabasis

Xenophon's Cyropaedia

Ptolemy Bk. 6

Parthian Stations by Isidorus

The Persians by Aeschylus

History of Persia

Jackson's Persia Past Present (pdf file)

Sykes' History of Persia Vol 1 (pdf file)

Sykes' History of Persia Vol 2 (pdf file)

Markham's History of Persia (pdf file)

Rawlinson: Seven Great Monarchies

Ragozin: Media Babylon Persia & Avesta (pdf)


Friedrich Nietzsche

- Thus Spake Zarathustra (text)

- Thus Spake Zarathustra videos

Zoroastrian Ethics by MA Buch (pdf)

Western Authors & Zoroastrianism

Darmesteter Introduction

- Goethe's Parsi Nameh

- Helen Gerth: Zoroastrians on the Internet

Martin Haug on Zoroastrianism (pdf)

- Essays: History, Grammar, Avesta (pdf)

- Lecture: Yasna 45 (pdf)

Jackson's Persia Past Present (pdf file)

Other References

Map Gallery

Prehistoric Ages. Categories of Time

Astrology & Bundahishn (pdf)


Friedrich Nietzsche

Page 1 - Introduction

Nietzsche & Zoroastrianism

Nietzsche's Influence

Nietzsche's Life

Nietzsche - Anti-Semitism & Nazism

Thus Spake Zarathustra

Nietzsche's Understanding of Zarathustra Zarathushtra

- Introduction by Mrs. Forster-Nietzsche

- Morality & the Lie

Page 2 - Prologue

The Prologue

- Introspection, Meditation & Contemplation

- The Sun - Zoroastrian & Mithraic Symbolism

- Down-Going - Descent from the Mountain

- Fire

- God is Dead

The Parable of the Madman

- The Gathering

- ▄bermensch

- The Overman

- Prerequisite for the Overman - Great Healthiness

- Individualism vs. Nationalism

- Meaning of the Earth. Goal of Life. The Lie

- Overcoming

- Man as Rope & Bridge

Page 3 - Concepts

- Last Man

- Prefatory Man

- Style

- Will to Power

- Eternal Recurrence & Amor Fati


BBC's Human, All Too Human - Nietzsche & His Work

Nietzsche's Parable of the Mad Man & God is Dead

Amateur Videos - Nietzsche's Works

Music Videos - Strauss & Mozart

Mozart & Zoroastrianism


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