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Zoroastrian Heritage

Author: K. E. Eduljee

Heritage Legacy
Pages & Contents

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Aryan Trade

Ancient Aryan Trade

Stone & Metal Age Aryan Trade

Precious Stones & Metals

Badakshan Lapis Lazuli

Tepe Hissar



Chaikhanas - Tea Houses

Bactrian Camel

Royal Roads of Darius

Silk Roads

Parsi Traders

Sogdian Trade. China


Botteh, Paisley

Botteh (Paisley) Motif

Earliest Known Examples

Zoroastrian Connections

Different Shapes

Twinned Designs


Related to the Yin-Yang Symbol?

Kashmiri Buta



What is Termeh

Termeh and Aryan Trade

Termeh Products

Assessing the Value of Termeh Products

Termeh Patterns

Stripped Patterns

Kermani Shawls

Heritage in Peril

Termeh Production


Wool Termeh Handloom Techniques of Yazd and Kerman

Silk Production Elsewhere in Iran

Making of Silk in Nature


Gara Sari

Page 1

Introduction to the Gara Sari

The Word Gara

A Sari

Other Embroidered Silk Products

Definition. What Makes a Gara a Gara

Ghat Sari


Fabric Colour


Kor Border & Bordered Sarees

Petit-Point Borders

Fashion & Style

Parsi-Irani Wearing Style

Companion Garments & Accessories

Jewellery Worn with the Gara

Garas as Art & Heirloom

Preserving the Embroidery Work of Damaged Garas

History of the Gara Sari

Trade with China

Manufacture in Surat, Gujarat, India

Chinese Embroiderers in India

Pheria Vendors - Vanishing Breed?

Chinese Embroiderer Colonies

The Door-to-Door Chinese Embroiderer

Parsees Learn Chinese Embroidery Techniques

Sources & Acknowledgements

Page 2

Designs & Motifs

Unusual Names

Making a Gara

Initial Steps


Care & Storage

Tanchoi Sarees

The Modern Gara

Sources & Acknowledgements


UNESCO Magazine on Parsi Culture & Crafts


(Kariz, Karez, Qanat)

What is a Kareez / Kariz (Qanat)?

Need for a Kareez / Kariz (Qanat)

Kareez / Kariz (Qanat) Construction

History of Kareez

Politics & Kareez

Kareez and Watermills - Flour Making Systems

Kareez and Badgirs - Home Cooling Systems

Kareez and Yak-Chawls - Ice Making Systems

Persian Gardens

Overview: the Persian Garden

Rejuvenation of the Spirit

Formal and Informal Gardens

Pasargadae's Chahar Bagh

Description of Achaemenian Gardens

Achaemenian Kings as Gardeners

Epicurean & Zoroastrian Garden Concepts

Gardens of Ancient Tabriz

Hanging Garden's of Babylon

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Irani Cafes

Disappearing Heritage

Irani Cafés (Cafes) & Bakeries - an Irani Zartoshti Tradition


Ancient Tradition

Ethic & Ambiance

Bentwood Chairs & Glass-Topped Tables

Irani Bakeries

Bun Maska Chai

Other Staples


Savoury Dishes

Dhansak - Soul Food

Cold Beverages, Ice Cream & Deserts


Leopold Cafe - Islamic Terrorist Target

Leopold Café Videos

Parsi & Irani Cyclists at the Leopold & Olympia

Pune's Coffee House

Sources & Offsite Reading

Zoroastrians of India

Parsees & Iranis - Old Photos